‘This Is All He’s Got’: Nicolle Wallace Says The Trump Presidency Is Over If N. Korea Summit Fails

Conservative MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace laid out how the stakes for Donald Trump’s summit with Kim Jong Un couldn’t be any higher, saying that if the meeting fails, the Trump presidency is toast.

“This is all he’s got,” Wallace said. “This is his midterm strategy. This is his get out of sitting down with Bob Mueller strategy. “

If it fails, as the MSNBC host said, Trump has nothing left to lean on heading into the midterm elections and his re-election bid.


Wallace said:

Let’s not sugarcoat the fact that we’re all doing this because Donald Trump wants us to. Donald Trump is there because he knew we’d be here. This is it. This is all he’s got this. This is his midterm strategy. This is his get out of sitting down with Bob Mueller strategy. Two sources texted me, I just looked at my phone, on May 25th and May 26th when it was being widely reported that talks were off. Talks were never off. There was a meeting in the DMZ with the North Koreans and the Americans on May 26. The whole thing was Trumpian head fake. So the idea that we’re being played is something that we have to bake into the cake a little bit tonight. … It is also in every way imaginable a political exercise for Donald Trump.  

This isn’t about world peace. It’s about Trump scoring political points.

Trump, who knows little to nothing about the complexities of foreign policy, doesn’t care about the possibility of a nuclear-free Korean peninsula. He likely can’t even locate either of the Koreas on a map.

Instead, this stunt, which made Kim Jong Un a player on the world stage, is all about boosting his own image and distracting from the damning scandals he faces on the domestic front.

If Donald Trump was serious about achieving lasting peace in the region, he wouldn’t have desperately rushed to agree to a summit with Kim Jong Un without any conditions or preparations.

Instead, he hastily jumped into it because he knows it’s all he’s got. If it fails, it would deliver a devastating blow to his presidency.