Montel Williams Won’t Support Any Republican Who Won’t Stand Up to Trump’s ‘Amoral Sh*t Show’

Montel Williams has had it. The television personality wrote that he will not vote or give money to any Republican who doesn’t stand up to this “amoral sh*t show” Donald Trump calls a presidency.

Williams left the Republican Party in in the 1990s to become an independent, but was excited about the Republican Party in 2016 because Gov John Kasich was running for president. He said at the time in an op-ed, “I left the Republican Party in the early 1990s to become independent, but I’m now excited about the GOP for the first time since then — and it’s because Ohio Gov. John Kasich is running for president.”

Williams said of Kasich in that op-ed, ” I reject the criticism that Kasich isn’t a conservative. It’s ludicrous—especially from those looking for the next Ronald Reagan. Reagan, today, would be a RINO (Republican In Name Only). Some say allowing Medicaid expansion in Ohio proves Kasich is a ‘closet liberal.’ It’s ridiculous. On Medicaid, Kasich was unwilling to kowtow to extremists. Admirably, he put principles ahead of what was in his best interest politically. That takes guts. Some said the expansion would collapse the state’s finances. In fact, Ohio has a balanced budget and a significant surplus.”

Trump is raising tons of money off of locking babies up. His donors are laughing it up and giddy with delight. But vulnerable Republicans are backing away from the concentration camps for kids policy, and independents are fed up.

Still, I say, this is hardly enough. What Trump and Republicans are doing is so horrific, there are not words to detail it; for example, the Trump administration has likely lost nearly 6,000 kids who were separated from their parents.

People should be more than outraged and disgusted. They should be in the streets.

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