Americans Fight Back And Block Trump Bus From Leaving Immigration Center

Protesters are fighting back against Trump and have blocked a bus full of migrants from leaving the immigration processing center in McAllen, TX.


MSNBC reported, “There is growing outrage, however, that there is at least what many activist feel as no adequate plan in order to get these children reunited with their parents. According to the department of health and human services, more than 2300 people — children, rather, had been separated from their parents. The department of homeland security had said that agency reunited about 500 people. That came out on Friday. Again, many questions right now about how these children will be reunited with their families. As you can see, there is growing outrage here in McAllen and also several other cities across the country this weekend as the protests are erupting. Again, this group, as we’re watching these live images, this group and local activists, others bussed in from parts of Texas, that have stopped this bus full of migrants.”

The American people are taking to the streets

The American people are taking to the streets and are resisting Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy. This is what resistance looks like. Trump’s executive order didn’t calm the building outrage across the nation. In fact, as the minutes go by and the shock of what Trump is doing passes, people are getting more outraged, and that anger is turning into action. The immigration that Trump thinks will fire up Republicans is likely to backfire and send waves of Democrats to the polls.

Democrats were already gearing up to storm to the polls and win in November, but Trump has supercharged their engines. People are trying to physically stop his administration from carrying out their policies.

People are getting active, and that can only mean that trouble is on the horizon for Trump and the GOP.

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