As Trump Rips Migrant Kids From Their Parents, He Tries To Hire More Foreign Workers For His Club

There are as many as 3,000 migrant kids separated from their parents, thanks to this president's policies, while he is also trying to hire dozens of more foreign workers for his private golf club.

Americans Fight Back And Block Trump Bus From Leaving Immigration Center

Protesters are fighting back against Trump and have blocked a bus full of migrants from leaving the immigration processing center in McAllen, TX.

This Is What Trump Is Doing to Innocent Migrant Parents And Children

Watch the traumatic reunion of a mother and seven-year-old boy who were separated for more than a month, because Trump and the Republicans thought it was going to make Democrats pay for his wall.

Protesters Crash DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s Dinner And Drive Her Out Of The Restaurant

Protesters crashed DHS Secretary Kirstjen Neilson's dinner to let her know how they feel about Trump separating children from their families at the border and drove her out of the restaurant.

Trump Completely Loses It And Blames Democrats For His Immigration Crisis

Trump doubled down as his presidency burns and blamed Democrats for the immigration crisis that he caused.