MSNBC Cuts Off Trump Event Because It Was Boring

MSNBC cut off coverage of a Trump lunch with members of Congress because as Craig Melvin put it listening to it all would, “bore you to tears.”


Melvin gave a brutally honest reason for why the network cut away from listening to Trump and Republicans talk, “That was senator Roy Blunt there, talking about the funding of the border wall. President trump here, as predicted, will go around the room a bit. We are not going to listen to all of that. That would bore you to tears. But we are going to go back into that room when president trump starts to take some questions from reporters.”

Trump’s act is boring

Three years ago cable news treated Trump like he was something fresh and exciting. Every single one of his events got wall to wall coverage. The cable news networks had convinced themselves that Trump was good television, but even during the presidential campaign, there were signs that the Trump bubble was destined to be short-lived. Ratings dropped during the Republican primary debates, and after Trump won the election, the press quickly tired of his repetition and lack of press conferences.

America has gotten tired of Trump. The country has Trump fatigue, which is really bad news for Republicans who are counting on Trump to save control of Congress for them in November. Trump is a one trick pony, and that trick has gone stale.

The less that the American people see Trump on their television screens put into staged situations where he tries to look presidential, yes, the White House is still trying to do that, the better. MSNBC has it right. Their viewers don’t want to see and hear Trump on their screens, and listening to Republican members of Congress trying to prop up their crumbling president would be worse than dead air.

Donald Trump has become the one thing that he fears most.

Trump is boring and bad television.

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