Cory Booker All But Calls For Trump To Be Impeached For Violating His Oath On The World Stage

New Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker all but called for Donald Trump’s impeachment on Monday after the president sold America out to Russia on foreign soil.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Ali Velshi, the Democrat said Trump has violated his oath of office by not carrying out the most important responsibility the commander-in-chief has: keeping America safe.

“This is a president who has betrayed what I believe is the role of a commander in chief, to protect this country,” Sen. Booker said.


The Democratic senator and possible 2020 presidential candidate said:

We know our president. He’s this guy with this hairstring trigger, where he attacks people left and right with really very little provocation, getting in people’s face whether it’s military folks, press, even people within his own cabinet he attacks, attacks, attacks. But the one person that he’s not attacking, quite the contrary, who he’s being submissive to, who he’s elevated on the world stage, who he’s been willing to go against our allies, criticizing them more than he has any criticism for Vladimir Putin, is this dictator who has murdered his own people, who’s murdered people on British soil, who has brought down an airliner over Ukraine, who’s annexed Crimea, who’s attacked this country with cyberattacks, and is continuing to do so. And so this is a president who has betrayed what I believe is the role of a commander in chief, to protect this country. We all swear oaths to defend the United States of America. And what he’s doing through his complicity in Putin’s behavior, and we know Putin is somebody who needs to be met with strength.

Trump violated his oath to protect the country

For years, Republicans – many of them that now support Donald Trump – attacked former President Obama for supposedly showing weakness on the world stage.

Without any factual basis, they repeatedly claimed Obama apologized for America and led from behind, despite his record.

What we saw today was actual American weakness on the world stage – the kind that emboldens U.S. enemies and makes our country less safe.

As Democratic Sen. Cory Booker said, Donald Trump’s behavior on Monday wasn’t just irresponsible and reckless. It was a clear violation of his oath and a sad betrayal of the country he’s supposed to be defending.