Adam Schiff Wipes The Floor With Devin Nunes For Repeatedly Lying To Protect Trump

Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff threw the smackdown on GOP Rep. Devin Nunes on Monday, ticking off a series of facts that dismantle the lies Nunes has been telling to protect Donald Trump.

“In point after point, basically the Nunes memo has been discredited,” Schiff said. “But that doesn’t stop either Nunes or the president from saying otherwise.”


Rep. Schiff said:

There were certain fundamental claims Nunes made in the now-discredited memo, which we can see in the FISA application, were certainly not true. They claimed, first of all, that the investigation began with this FISA warrant, it all goes back to the taint of this FISA, when of course the investigation began with Papadopoulos, began with the FBI learning that the Russians had approached one of the campaign’s foreign policy advisers and told them that they had the stolen e-mails, that they were prepared to release them anonymously, as they would later do. But they also went on to challenge whether the FBI revealed to the court that Christopher Steele, this respected British intelligence officer, former officer, whether his bias had been disclosed to the court, that he had been doing this work on behalf of a law firm retained by the DNC. They claimed that there was no disclosure to the court when, in fact, now you can read the application and you can see they did disclose this bias. So, in point after point, basically the Nunes memo has been discredited. But that doesn’t stop either Nunes or the president from saying otherwise.

Nunes is Trump’s favorite lapdog

Ever since Donald Trump took office last year, one of his most reliable lapdogs has been Devin Nunes.

Every step of the way – whether it’s releasing a phony memo, running a sham investigation in order to discredit Robert Mueller, or improperly passing along confidential information – the Republican congressman has been there to provide cover for the president.

With each passing day, though, the facts discredit the conspiracy theories being pushed by Nunes to protect Trump.

But that doesn’t keep the shameless Republican congressman from towing the line for the most dangerously corrupt and unfit president this country has ever seen.

At the end of the day, Devin Nunes is to Trump what Trump is to Russian president Vladimir Putin: an obedient lapdog.