Sean Hannity To Give Roseanne A Platform To Spread Her Racist Hate

Sean Hannity excitedly announced that end of his show that he would be interviewing Roseanne Barr on Thursday night on Fox News.


Fox News hyped the interview as Roseanne talking about her firing and getting to worship Trump, “During the live interview, (Barr) will react to reports about the tweet that got her fired, along with discussion of President Donald Trump.”

Roseanne was canned from her own show after she launched a racist attack against former Obama adviser Valarie Jarrett. Fox News and Hannity are the perfect places for Roseanne to vent her, what many have called mentally ill ramblings while testifying to her fellow Trump cult members about her love for the president. Barr should have been fired, even though it is easy to see where Hannity and Roseanne are going to go with this interview. Liberal media, bias against Trump, maybe a dash of political correctness, blah, blah, blah.

One should expect Trump to tweet about how ABC unfairly fired Roseanne, and how he is investigating taking away their broadcasting license after the interview.

Roseanne shouldn’t be given a platform anywhere. he isn’t a victim. She’s a racist who self-destructed and got what she deserved.

Just when you think Hannity can’t go any lower, he hosts Roseanne.

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