Rep. Eric Swalwell Vows Americans Will See Trump’s Tax Returns If Democrats Win The House

On ABC’s This Week, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) promised a full investigation into Trump including getting his tax returns if Democrats win back the House.


Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

STEPHANOPOULOS: And congressman, let me begin with you right now. Is the campaign finance — if there were evidence to show that President Trump was involved, conspired with Michael Cohen, for a campaign finance violation, would that be a high crime and misdemeanor?

REP. ERIC SWALWELL, (D) CALIFORNIA: Good morning, George.

And first let me just also pay tribute to John McCain, a patriot, a man of integrity and independence, and someone who fought for our democracy, and one that is still worth the fighting for. We miss him dearly.

As to your question, Democrats should not lead with impeachment, George, I think we should lead with the core issues people care about — making sure that health care costs go down, that their paychecks go up, and that we scrub out corruption. But shouldn’t look the other way, and the best thing we can do is promise the American people, if we are given the majority that we will conduct the investigations the Republicans are unwilling to conduct, including this campaign finance violation, including the questions around his contacts with the Russians, and including his tax returns, which the American people have not seen, but I promise a Democratic majority will ensure they do see.

Democrats shouldn’t lead with impeachment, because they don’t have the evidence that they need to impeach Trump. If the president is indicted before election day, that changes the conversation, but the House Republican refusal to conduct a real investigation means that unless Robert Mueller releases his report before November, Democrats are going to have to conduct their own investigation if they win control of the House.

Voters aren’t being motivated to go to the polls based on impeachment. Healthcare and the lack of prosperity for working Americans are the driving issues in this election.

Trump doesn’t realize it yet, but he is one midterm election away from all of his darkest secrets being revealed.
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