Trump Throws A Tantrum When Impeachment Is Mentioned In The White House

Last updated on September 26th, 2018 at 05:52 am

Trump has been getting mad at his advisers anytime they mention impeachment, or as he calls it the “I-word” in the White House.

The Washington Post reported:
One source of growing anxiety among Trump allies is the worry that the president and some senior White House officials are not anxious enough. Although Trump sometimes talks about impeachment with his advisers, in other moments, he gets mad that “the i-word,” as he calls it, is raised, according to his associates.

“Winter is coming,” said one Trump ally in close communication with the White House. “Assuming Democrats win the House, which we all believe is a very strong likelihood, the White House will be under siege. But it’s like tumbleweeds rolling down the halls over there. Nobody’s prepared for war.”

Democrats are coming for Trump if they win the House

Democrats are ready for Trump, and they are going to come after the woefully understaffed and poorly strategized White House with no less than 100 potential areas of congressional investigation. Instead of staffing up and preparing for the worst, Trump is pretending like the blue wave isn’t coming, and getting mad when impeachment is brought up.

Impeachment won’t happen overnight. If Democrats win back the House, they aren’t going to take office in January and impeach by February. What is going to happen is a barrage of investigations into this administration the likes of which Trump can’t comprehend. Democrats view their first order of business regarding oversight is doing what Republicans have not done for the previous two years.

Trump‘s Republican wall of protection will come crashing down as soon as a potential Democratic majority is sworn into office, and they will quickly get to work investigation every Trump and his administration scandal.

Democrats are coming with subpoenas in hand, and Trump‘s little Twitter account will be no match for a House that decides to reassert itself as a co-equal branch of government.

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