Man Charged With A Felony For Using Trump’s Language To Threaten The Boston Globe

A California man was charged with one count of making threatening communications in interstate commerce because he used Trump‘s attacks on the free press to threaten The Boston Globe.

According to a statement from the Justice Department:

According to court documents, immediately following the announcement, Chain began making threatening calls to the Boston Globe’s newsroom. In the calls, Chain referred to the Globe as “the enemy of the people” and threatened to kill newspaper employees. In total, it is alleged that Chain made approximately 14 threatening phone calls to the Globe between August 10 and 22, 2018.

It is further alleged that on Aug. 16, 2018, the day the coordinated editorial response was published in the Boston Globe, Chain called the Globe newsroom and threatened to shoot Globe employees in the head “later today, at 4 o’clock.” As a result of that call, local law enforcement responded to the Globe’s offices and maintained a presence outside the building to ensure the safety of the employees.

The Threat To The Boston Globe Was Directly Trump Inspired

There is a direct connection between Robert Chain’s threat and the language that Donald Trump uses to attack the free press. Trump is inspiring attacks on the press. What Chain did is exactly what Trump wants. Trump wants his supporters to bully and intimidate the press to make the media not do their job and hold this president accountable.

Trump’s enemy of the people talk is criminal

A person got arrested and charged with a felony for acting on Donald Trump‘s words. Trump is inspiring crime in his supporters. Trump supporters see the president threaten the press and think that they can do it too. Following Trump‘s lead might land a man in federal prison for five years.

Trump isn’t just attacking the free press. He is driving crime against the media.

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