Democrats Now Have A Roadmap For Investigating The Trump Crime Family

The New York Times investigation is vital because it lays out a roadmap for Democrats to follow in investigating the Trump crime family if they get control of either chamber of Congress.

Video of author David Cay Johnston explaining the value of the NYT investigation:

Johnston said on MSNBC, “It adds to the evidence that the Trumps are a crime family as I’ve been asserting for a long time and it will be a roadmap for the Democrats if they get control of either chamber of Congress to hold hearings, investigate, and make Donald Trump’s recent tax returns public and if they show criminal conduct, to indict the President Of The United States.”

On the subject of releasing Trump’s tax returns, Johnston added, “Not during this Congress and only if the Democrats get control, but if they do, Richard, I’m sure within a year you and I can have a conversation about what’s in those recent tax return signed by Donald Trump.”

The New York Times investigative reporter behind the Trump story has said that they have more leads and a second part of the investigation into Trump’s tax crimes is coming.

More shoes are going to drop. The truth is going to come out, and the Trump crime is going to go down.

All of that sounds really nice if you oppose Donald Trump, but in order for it to become a reality, people must vote for Democrats next month.

Democrats have the roadmap to take down Trump, but before they can act, they need the power, which will come from the American people enough Democrats to take over one or both of the House and Senate.

Only the American people can save themselves, and they will do so by voting.

With your help, Democrats will be able to take down corrupt Trump.

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