Rachel Maddow Sends Trump Reeling With New Russia Secret Communications Bombshell


Rachel Maddow said that Democrats are ready with subpoenas and set to investigation the line of secret communication that existed between Trump Tower and Russia largest private bank.


Maddow said:


In other words, if there really was this story that’s been so intriguing for two years now, if there really was secret line of communications set up between Trump Tower and Moscow during the election, one they tried to cover up, that could be sort of the missing link involving how involved the Trump campaign was in Russia’s efforts to interfere on the election on Trump’s behalf. If anybody really wants to figure out whether that secret line of communication was there, it’s doable.

You could probably figure it they could probably do it with just a couple of subpoenas. And in fact, if Democrats win the House four weeks from tonight, it look likes Democrats are ready to go with subpoenas to get that information. Which means we’d finally have an answer. Now, one does, of course, wonder if Robert Mueller and his prosecutors have already beaten the Democrats there either before Dexter Filkins published this piece or since it has been out.

If Democrats take back the House, Trump’s world will come crashing down

There are all sorts of zig and zags, dark corners, and sharp curves that Democrats are going to be ready to investigate. Maddow was right. If Trump and the Russians were communicating with Trump Tower, which was the headquarters of the Trump presidential campaign, it would fill in a lot of the missing pieces. It would also provide the smoking gun direct connection between the Trump campaign and Russia.

The nation is four weeks away from a real Russia investigation. All that is required is that voters go to the polls and give Democrats a majority in the House of Representatives.

Rachel Maddow has been asking all of the right questions on the Russia scandal for years, and with a Democratic House, she and the rest of the American people will finally get some answers.

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