Trump Launches Racist Attack On Andrew Gillum As Florida Democrats Surge

As Florida slips away from Republicans, Trump launched a racist attack on Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum.

Trump tweeted:

A very credible and transparent New York Times poll shows Democrat Gillum leading his Republican opponent Ron DeSantis 48%-43%. A much more questionable CBS News/YouGov online-only poll has Gillum leading DeSantis by one point 48%-47%. Online polls are less credible than live phone surveys where voters are called. The New York Times has taken credibility to a new level by publishing the results live as they come in and allowing readers to see where responses are coming in from in virtually real time.

The Real Clear Politics average of polls has Gillum up by an average of 3.2% and the Democrat has led in 6 of the last seven polls taken. The one consensus in the data is that DeSantis is losing, and this explains why Trump tried to come running to the rescue with a racist tweet.

The Trump tweet against Andrew Gillum was racist

Trump turned the Florida election into a choice between an Ivy League white man and “corrupt” black man. There was no discussion of issues or who would be better for Florida. The tweet was white good, black bad. It doesn’t matter how much violence he inspires. Donald Trump is never going to change.

Florida is slipping away from the Republicans, which is why Trump reached into the sewer for a shameful attack on Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum.

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