Trump Attacks Michelle Obama After She Calls His Racist Birtherism Unforgivable

Former first lady Michelle Obama said that she could never forgive Trump for his birtherism. The president responded with a series of lies about both Obamas.

Michelle Obama wrote in her new book, “What if someone with an unstable mind loaded a gun and drove to Washington? What if that person went looking for our girls?”Donald Trump, with his loud and reckless innuendos, was putting my family’s safety at risk. And for this I’d never forgive him.”

Trump responded with lies, “Michelle Obama? She got paid a lot of money to write a book. They also insist you come up with controversial. I’ll give you controversy back. I’ll never forgive him for what he did to our United States military it was depleted. Everything was old and tired. I came in and had to fix it. I’m in the process of spending tremendous amounts of money. So I’ll never forgive him for what he did to our military. I’ll never forgive him for what he did in many other ways, which I’ll talk about what he did at a later time. What he did to our military made this country very unsafe for you and you and you.”


The Washington Post fact checked Trump’s claim of a depleted military in 2017 and found, “But his claim is both an exaggeration and an oversimplification. According to an analysis by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, the Department of Defense’s base budget grew by 31 percent between fiscal 2000 and 2014, with an annual average growth rate of 1.9 percent. The growth is a reflection of the fact the U.S. military entered two wars during that time period: The war in Afghanistan in 2001 and the Iraq War in 2003.”

Obama didn’t cut the military budget. Republicans in Congress did with the sequester. Presidents do not have the power to set the military’s budget. The other key point is that even in Obama’s last year in office, the military budget was still bigger than it was before the Iraq and Afghanistan wars began.

Trump’s military depletion crisis is imaginary, but even as president, his lies and attacks against Barack and Michelle Obama are unrelenting.

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