Trump Lies And Claims He Wrote His Own Answers To Mueller’s Questions

Trump made the absurd claim that he, not his lawyers, wrote all of the answers to Robert Mueller’s questions.

Trump was asked about answering Mueller’s questions and said, ” My lawyers aren’t working on that. I write the answers. I write answers. I was asked a series of questions. I have asked them very easily. Very easily. I’m sure they’re tripped up because they like to catch people, gee, was the weather sunny or raining? He said it may have been a good it was rainy and told a lie. He perjured himself. Okay? You have to be careful answering questions with people that probably have bad intentions but no. The questions were very routinely answered by me. By me. Okay?”


A White House reporter asked, “Submitted?”

Trump responded, “Yeah. To the special counsel. I just finished them. I’m a little bit busy. We have been in Europe. Working various deals.”

Trump is going to be impeached if he actually wrote his own answers

It has been reported for weeks and months that Trump’s lawyers were working on the written answers to Mueller’s questions. The blow up that occurred yesterday over Mueller was reported by MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace as having been triggered by Trump spending three days with his lawyers working on answers to Mueller’s questions.

No. Trump did not write his own answers. Trump said some crazy lies, and his lawyers tried to fashion them into answers that would not get him impeached for perjury is how the meetings likely went.

Trump lies about everything. A recent study found that one out of every 19 words that Trump speaks or tweets is a lie. No lawyer in their right mind would let Trump write his own answers, and no person with at least three functioning brain cells should believe this claim.

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