Democrats Slam The Door On Trump Cover-Up And Vow To End Comey Investigation “Nonsense”

Democrats will be immediately putting an end to yet another Republican, wasteful, stupid, partisan, conspiracy-based “investigation” – this one the investigation into fired FBI Director James Comey, the man fired by Donald Trump in May of 2017 because he was doing his job on the Russia investigation into Trump’s obvious (that is, the parts that were public) attempt to collude with Russia.

The top Democrat on the Judiciary panel Rep. Jerrold Nadler of New York “said as he walked into the Comey interview that he will end the investigation when he takes over in January,” reported AP Congressional reporter Mary Clare Jalonick.

“There is no evidence whatsoever of bias at the FBI or any of this other nonsense,” Nadler said, as he walked into the closed-door deposition led by Republicans on Friday.

Republicans have claimed, without evidence and in fact even after Comey acted in a way that harmed Trup’s then opponent Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, that Comey and the FBI are biased against Trump.

Comey is also a top witness regarding Trump’s obstruction of justice on the Russia probe, and the Republican “investigation” is seen as a way to discredit Comey’s testimony on Trump’s obstruction.

On December 2, Comey withdrew his bid to quash a congressional subpoena compelling him to testify in secret about the bureau’s decisions on investigations ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

Comey’s lawyer David Kelley told Reuters that Republicans on the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee pledged to provide Comey with a full transcript within 24 hours of his testimony, and he will be permitted to “make any or all of that transcript public.”

In an act that can only be seen as foolish on their part, Republicans also subpoenaed former AG Loretta Lynch, presumably about her brief encounter with former president Bill Clinton on a tarmac. This is the height of hypocrisy as Republicans justify Trump interfering in the DOJ’s probes to such an extent that he fired former AG Jeff Sessions because he would not interfere more in the Russia probe.

It took Donald Trump to do it, but Democrats have finally become aggressive in their response to the “nonsense” stupidity that has for years guided Republicans down their current path, landing on Donald Trump as the most qualified person in the entire country to be president – a man who doesn’t even understand the basics of how Congress works, a man who doesn’t care about the freedoms this country was built on – who in fact spits on them, a man who treats other people with the contempt of a truly ignorant and delusional egomaniac.

Republicans have been running the House like a pack of drunken frat boys – starting investigations based on actual conspiracies with no evidence, refusing to fund the government or pay the most basic of bills, not working very often (all traits they share with the guy their party pretends is an anomaly- the guy in the White House), and generally behaving like naughty adolescents whose brains haven’t fully developed yet.

What a difference an election makes. This is proof that every single vote, phone call, knocked door, donation – it all mattered. We’re going to, after eight long years have a House that functions like a grown-up House of Representatives.

(Additional reporting by Reuters’ Sarah N. Lynch)

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