Nancy Pelosi Refuses To Give Trump A Single Penny For His Wall

Incoming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is refusing to give Trump anything for his border wall.

NBC News‘s Geoff Bennett reported, “Apparently she’s willing to offer six appropriation bills, and then a year-long CR, continuing resolution, that’s a temporary government funding measure for homeland security funding. If the president doesn’t want that, then she would agree to offer a year-long cr for all seven bills, but they won’t budge on this border wall money.”


Democrats have stated over and over again that they are not going to give Trump a dime for his wall. If Trump wants to fund the wall, he is going to have to either get the money from Mexico or Democrats an offer that they can’t refuse. If Trump offered to sign legislation protecting preexisting conditions, give the Dreamers a pathway to citizenship, and protect Robert Mueller, Democrats in the House might be willing to give him some funding for the wall.

Since Trump isn’t going to ever agree to those conditions, House Democrats aren’t going to give him a cent.

House Democrats have been very consistent about this issue. They aren’t going to vote to give Trump the money that he needs for his wall. If Trump wants a wall, Democrats expect him to live up to his campaign promise and get Mexico to pay for it.

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