Depressed Trump Watched TV And Didn’t Bother To Show Up For Work

Trump was depressed all day as his Michael Cohen got sent to prison, so he stayed in his room, watched TV, and didn’t show up for work.

NBC News reported:

Trump eventually did roll into the White House late in the afternoon to sign an executive order, and then run away from reporters who asked him about the dirty deeds that Michael Cohen covered up for him.

Donald Trump’s world is crashing down around him, but instead of fighting back like he claims he does, the president is holed up in his bedroom, watching TV, and feeling sorry for himself.

The presidency is the most important and powerful job in the world. America needs a president who shows up to work every day and upholds his sworn duty.

Trump is a spoiled little rich boy who treats the presidency like a toy that he plays with when he feels like it.

This presidency is consumed by his scandals, and as the criminal chickens of his past are coming home to roost, Trump isn’t fighting for power, he’s hiding in his bedroom while watching Fox News.

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