Trump Runs Away As Reporters Ask About Dirty Deeds Cohen Cover Up

Donald Trump literally ran out of the room when asked about Michael Cohen’s claim that he covered up dirty deeds for the president.

Cohen said during his sentencing hearing where he received 3 years in prison, “I felt it was my duty to cover up his own dirty deeds.”

When reporters asked the president after he signed an executive order, “Mr. President, did Michael Cohen cover up your dirty deeds?” AND “What dirty deeds is he talking about Mr. President?”

Trump responded by running away.


This is the same president who kept the cameras in the room longer and answered questioned during the Oval Office photo op with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer yesterday, so Trump running away was a sure sign that he does not want to answer questions about Michael Cohen and the crimes that he directed Cohen to commit.

Trump is running out of places to hide

The presidency has left Donald Trump with nowhere to hide. The spotlight on the White House never goes away. Trump can’t find a new enemy to use to change the subject, even though he has spent the last nearly two years trying. The focus will always be on the president. Trump has never faced this sort of scrutiny in his life, and all he can do is run away as the bill is coming due for decades of criminal activity.

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