As Republicans Fall Apart Over Shutdown, Trump Screams Fake News

Trump could only say that the split in the Republican Party over the shutdown is fake news as Senators pretended to be unified in front of Trump.

Trump said, “You know, the fake news is fake news. I want to tell that you the Republicans are totally unified. If you were to ask the same question to the Democrats, you let me know in some of those districts where I wonder if they’re a little more, you want them to run and say we don’t want to have border security? You have plenty of Democrats who do not want to be in this battle. You have plenty of Democrats. The Republicans are unified. We want border security. We want safety for our country. ”


Democrats just won a midterm election in part because of Trump racist stance on immigration and fearmongering about the border. Republican strategists have warned the White House and the party that Trump’s immigration position is toxic to voters. This is a fight that Democrats don’t mind having in the least.

Trump has the political instincts of a dead squirrel, and the fact that McConnell and the Republican Senators are trying so hard to show a united front to the president illustrates how they are beginning to divide and come apart. A majority of Republican Senators don’t support the wall. Trump’s dog and pony show with Mitch McConnell doesn’t change anything. The Republican Senators think that their way out of this mess is Trump declaring a national emergency because then the problem will be all on Trump.

Republicans are coming unglued over this shutdown, and a photo-op with the president doesn’t change the political reality that the Trump shutdown is a disaster for the Republican Party.

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