Trump’s Move To Nix Pelosi’s Afghanistan Trip Costs Military ‘Unfathomable Amount’ Of Resources

Donald Trump’s reckless last-minute decision to nix House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Afghanistan will cost the military an “unfathomable amount” of resources.

According to Kevin Baron, the executive editor of Defense One, the disruption caused by Trump’s petty political play will have an “immeasurable” toll on “man hours, intelligence assets” and much more.

In a word, Baron called the move by the president “stunning.”

Trump has repeatedly shown a blatant disrespect for the military

Donald Trump likes to tout how much he respects the military, but his actions have repeatedly demonstrated that he only cares about U.S. service members when he can use them to his political advantage.

With his moronic move to get back at Nancy Pelosi on Thursday, he didn’t just drain resources and disrupt military operations, but he put members of Congress at risk.

As Rep. Adam Schiff pointed out on Thursday, “The president’s decision to disclose a trip that a Speaker is making to a war zone was completely and utterly irresponsible in every way.”

This irresponsible attack on Pelosi comes a day after Trump’s snap political decision to pull troops from Syria led to the death of four Americans in a bombing attack carried out by ISIS.

It can sometimes be easy to dismiss or even laugh off some of this president’s craziest rhetoric and policy decisions, but this is no laughing matter. American lives are at stake and American lives have already been lost as a result of this out-of-control commander-in-chief.

Time and again, Donald Trump has shown that he is a clear and present danger to the United States.

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