Sarah Sanders Whines About Trump’s SOTU As Federal Workers Line Up At Food Banks

As unpaid federal workers line up to get food from pantries and food banks, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was on television whining about Trump’s need to give a State Of The Union address.

Sanders said on Fox and Friends, “We always like to have a plan B. But the president should be able to address the American people whether he does that from the halls of Congress or whether he does that in another location. The president will talk to the American people on January 29th. As he does nearly every single day. We’re going to continue moving forward with the state of the union and we’ll see what happens.”


Meanwhile, the reality of hunger, poverty, and potential homelessness, is a fact of life for many federal workers who are no longer being paid due to Trump’s government shutdown. It is easy to see why the White House is getting crushed by Nancy Pelosi and Democrats in Congress on the shutdown. The Trump administration has not shown an ounce of concern or a shred of empathy for federal workers who are being financially pushed to the brink.

A real president would never have shut down the government over his broken promise to get Mexico to pay for a border wall. A real president would never be so heartless as to tell people facing poverty to make adjustments.
A true leader would see that giving a State Of The Union at this time is completely inappropriate, and would have offered to give his address after the government has reopened.

Instead of empathy, compassion, and leadership, the American people have Sarah Sanders whining on Fox News about why the president needs to give his State Of The Union address.

Sarah Sanders remarks perfectly sum up why this administration has already lost on the government shutdown.

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