Adam Schiff Calls Trump Tower Meeting Treason As He Goes Straight For Don Jr.

Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said the infamous 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russia was treason as he continues to signal that Donald Trump Jr. is in his investigative sights

During an appearance on UnPresidented Podcast when Schiff was asked whether he thought the June 2016 meeting orchestrated by Trump Jr. was “treasonous and unpatriotic,” he said it’s “pretty darn clear” that the president’s campaign had “intent to collude” with Russia.

“Certain things are beyond doubt and the first is, the Trump campaign, in the form of Don Jr., and the campaign chairman Paul Manafort, and the son-in-law Jared Kushner, were more than interested in getting the help of the Russian government,” the congressman said. “So in terms of intent to conspire, intent to collude, that’s pretty darn clear.”

Schiff also said there is “ample evidence” when it comes to collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. The congressman said the only remaining question is whether the evidence is conclusive enough to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.

Schiff said:

There is ample evidence on the issue of collusion. The question of whether it rises to the level of proof beyond a reasonable doubt as to a criminal conspiracy is a different question, and one that ultimately Bob Mueller will have to answer. And that even may not be answered completely if the Justice Department takes the position, which I think is flawed, that you can’t indict a sitting President…. This is the challenge, in that the country is so stovepiped now in how it gets its information. Now, it’s very difficult to break through and help people see what’s right before their eyes. But these secret discussions to make money from Russia during the campaign, that the president and his organization were having, that Paul Manafort was having with his Russian contacts, at the same time the Russians clearly wanted something from Donald Trump and his campaign in the form of sanctions release, all goes to the issue of collusion, all goes to the issue of conspiracy, and you really have to be willfully blind not to see just how alarming this is.

Schiff is quickly becoming Trump’s worst nightmare

While Donald Trump made a point during his State of the Union to threaten Congress – and the country – if they continue to investigate his potential crimes, Rep. Adam Schiff has been unfazed.

Less than 24 hours after the president’s tough talk before Congress, Schiff announced a wide-ranging investigation into Trump’s troubling ties to Russia.

In a statement, the Democratic congressman said, “The President’s actions and posture towards Russia during the campaign, transition, and administration have only heightened fears of foreign financial or other leverage over President Trump and underscore the need to determine whether he or those in his Administration have acted in service of foreign interests since taking office.”

Schiff’s insistence on dropping two tons of oversight on the president of the United States is driving Donald Trump mad. As PoliticusUSA’s Jason Easley wrote earlier, “Trump is freaking out and growing increasingly paranoid” as Schiff and Democrats quickly ramp up their investigations. 

Democrats have been sounding the alarm for years about the potential crimes carried about by Donald Trump, his family and his campaign. Now they finally have the power to dig into them.

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