Robert Mueller’s Final Report Could Jump-Start Trump’s Impeachment

Former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe told MSNBC‘s Ari Melber on Thursday that he believes special counsel Robert Mueller‘s final report – set to be released as early as next week – will not hold back on detailing Donald Trump‘s potential crimes.

McCabe told Melber that even if Trump can’t be indicted, he expects the special counsel to lay out in detail the president’s misconduct and illegal behavior.

“I expect that Director Mueller’s team will produce an all-encompassing report that details exactly what they found and exactly what they think about it,” McCabe said.

McCabe added, “I think it’s unbelievably important that that information is shared with Congress, and I’d also like to see it shared to the greatest extent possible with the American people.”


David Corn of Mother Jones said he was struck by McCabe’s belief that Mueller’s report would be highly detailed:

I wrote down that exact quote because that just jumped out at me. Now, McCabe is a witness in this case. He’s not part of it. He used to be part of the case before Robert Mueller took it over. … We can say he has inside insight. He understands the people working the case, the prosecutors, the FBI people, and has some insight into Robert Mueller. So when he says an all-encompassing report is going to be produced detailing basically everything they found, that is the most expansive statement we have from anybody close to the Mueller probe on the subject of the report.

Mueller’s report could lead to Trump’s impeachment

Many leading Democrats have been reluctant to bring up impeachment talk before the release of the Mueller report. With the special counsel probe wrapping up as early as next week, that could be about to change.

If the Mueller report lays out Donald Trump‘s potential crimes in great detail, as McCabe suggests, it will give Democrats the fuel they need to move forward on impeachment proceedings.

And perhaps even more importantly, if the report is detailed and damning enough, it could create an environment in which Republicans in Congress have no choice but to do what they have refused to do for the past two years: hold Donald Trump accountable.

Robert Mueller may not be able to indict or charge a sitting president, but his report does have the power to effectively end Trump‘s presidency.

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