Michael Cohen Is Destroying Trump As Support For Impeachment Grows

The latest Monmouth University poll has found that support for impeaching Trump increased after Michael Cohen‘s testimony.

Support for impeaching Trump has increased by 6 points

According to the Monmouth University poll, “The poll finds that 42% of Americans feel that Trump should be impeached and compelled to leave the presidency while 54% disagree. Support for the impeachment of Trump has risen slightly since November when 36% favored impeachment and 59% did not. Previous polls showed support for Trump’s impeachment ranging between 38% and 41%. The change since last fall has come largely from political independents. Currently, 40% of independents support impeachment and 57% are opposed. Four months ago, only 26% of independents supported impeachment and 67% were opposed. Partisan opinion on impeachment currently stands at 75% support to 19% oppose among Democrats and 8% to 91% among Republicans.”

The number of respondents who support impeachment has only increased one point from its all-time high, but the problem for Trump is that as more facts get revealed about his potential crimes, impeachment is getting more backing.

Trump has a growing problem with Independents

House Democrats are building the case for potentially needing to impeach this president because they know that an impeachment process not based on evidence and facts is destined to fail with the American people. The audience that Democrats need to convince if they decide to pursue impeachment is Independents.

Trump‘s support among Independents is in decline, and the president has no strategy and has done nothing to reverse this trend.

Impeachment isn’t happening today or tomorrow, but it is clear that Michael Cohen‘s testimony is doing grave damage to Trump with the American people. 64% of voters believe that Trump has committed crimes. Democrats need to stay the course and go where the evidence takes them because it looks like that at the end of the trail articles of impeachment against President Donald J. Trump.

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