‘He Needs His Diapers Changed’: Chris Matthews Tears Devin Nunes To Shreds Over Twitter Lawsuit

Last updated on March 21st, 2019 at 03:18 am

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An MSNBC panel ridiculed Donald Trump stooge Devin Nunes on Tuesday over his new lawsuit against Twitter, which comes after the social media website temporarily suspended the GOP congressman’s account for tweeting Russian propaganda.

‘Hardball’ host Chris Matthews pointed to the frivolous lawsuit – and Nunes’ tantrum on Fox News this week – as evidence that the GOP congressman “needs his diapers changed.”

The MSNBC host had a hard time holding back his laughter as Nunes – with a straight face – took to Fox News to whine about the criticism he gets on Twitter.


The transcript:

NUNES: We’re actually going after Twitter first because they are the main proliferator and they spread this fake news and the slanderous news. … How is it that every day there’s conservatives that are being banned?”

MATTHEWS: The irony here is so rich … he’s talking to Fox about political influence. I’m sorry.

BARBARA BOXER: Fox is like the preisdnet’s own private channel. And he talks to the people over there, I think they’re kind of his advisers and probably his chief of staffs and it’s unreal. … The centerpiece of democracy is freedom of speech and by extension freedom of the press. You’ve got to stand up and take it on the chin when you’re an elected official. Donald Trump doesn’t know how to do it. He can go after the honorable John McCain even after John died. He can say anything he wants. He can call people Pochahantas. He can make fun of disabled people. But he can’t take a couple of tweets. He can give ’em but he doesn’t want to get ’em. This is why this whole thing is outrageous, and Devin Nunes needs to choose a different career. Because as long as you’re out there on the political stage, especially the way he’s doing it which is just sucking up to Trump every day, people are going to respond.  They just are.

MATTHEWS: I think he needs his diapers changed. He’s very upset.

Trump and Nunes can’t stand the heat

When it comes to spreading fake news and bullying folks on Twitter, there is nobody that measures up to Donald Trump, who has spent his presidency throwing grade school-level tantrums and lying on the social media website.

That’s why it’s so stunning to see Devin Nunes – blind Trump loyalist – go on Fox News, a right-wing propaganda network that spreads fake news on a daily basis, and whine about bullying and misinformation on Twitter.

As Chris Matthews said on Tuesday, the irony couldn’t be richer.

Instead of waging phony lawsuits against Twitter, Devin Nunes should find a new line of work – or, at the very least, find a safe space.

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