Adam Schiff Has Republicans Scared, Which Is Why They Want Him To Step Down

The Republican calls for House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) aren’t based on facts, but fear of his investigation.

Republicans are trying to push Schiff out

House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) called on Schiff to step down as chair of the House Intelligence Committee, “[Schiff] owes the American public an apology. Schiff has met the standard that he has imposed on other members of Congress of when they should step back from their positions. He has exceeded that standard, and there is no question he should step down from the Intel chairmanship.”

Kellyanne Conway also jumped on board the Schiff needs to go train, “Schiff let a lie fly for two years. Literally going out, not under oath and saying day after day, moment after moment, full of vim and vigor snark and bark that there’s a mountain of evidence of collusion against the President that may actually be bigger than Watergate.”

The basis for Republican calls for Schiff to resign is a letter interpreting Mueller’s finding from Trump attorney general.

Here is why Republicans are afraid of Adam Schiff

Two tweets from Schiff show why Republicans are worried:

Rep. Schiff has the power to go deeper and expose the con that Trump and Republicans are running on the Mueller report. Trump had control over what happened to Mueller’s findings. He has no such control over Adam Schiff, which is why he is scared.

There is no chance of Adam Schiff stepping down

The Republican calls for Schiff to step down should only inspire him to double his efforts to get to the truth. Republicans are trying to get rid of the Trump/Russia investigations. They are burying Mueller and trying to push Schiff out of the way. Adam Schiff isn’t going to be bothered by Republican PR efforts, and he is not going to stop his investigation or step down.

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