Mitch McConnell Just Blocked A Move To Release The Mueller Report

Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) just blocked a measure by Sen. Chuck Schumer to make the Mueller report public.

Steven Dennis reported:

If the report is so great for Trump, why did McConnell block this measure?

The Republican cover story on the Mueller report is falling apart. There are obvious cracks appearing in the Trump PR scam of “total exoneration.” If the report is so great for Trump and the Republican Party, why won’t they support releasing it to the public? If the report contains everything that Trump and the White House claim it does, Mitch McConnell should have never blocked the resolution and the vote should have been unanimous in support its release.

The reality of the information that is slowly trickling out does not match what Trump and Barr are selling. Mueller wrote his report with the full expectation that Congress would get it. Mueller’s report is intended not to charge Trump with a crime, but to provide investigative evidence and the facts.

The Trump administration and their Republican Senate enablers are hiding the Mueller report because they don’t want Democrats in the House and the American people to read the special counsel’s findings.

Mitch McConnel is helping Trump to hide the Mueller report because what it contains could lead to Republican defeat in 2020.

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