Trump Has A Meltdown As Soon As Mueller Report Release Is Announced

Trump went on a rant about “crooked cops” and “spying” as soon as the release date for the Mueller report was announced.

Trump came unglued when the Mueller report release date was announced

After it was reported that the Mueller report will be released on Thursday, Trump tweeted:

An innocent president would welcome the report, but Trump isn’t innocent

Not having enough evidence to charge a crime is not the same thing as innocence. It is also most definitely not “total exoneration.” Trump and his administration’s constant need to lie and exaggerate everything has set them up once again. Even the redacted version of the Mueller report won’t be total exoneration that Trump claimed it was.

Trump is melting down because he knows that his lie is about to come back to haunt him in a big way.

Congress, journalists, and the American people are going to be closely reading the redacted report to see if it matches up with Trump’s claims. The way to know that the redacted version of the report will be bad for Trump is his preemptive blow up on Twitter.

Donald Trump has had a lot of bad weeks as president, but Thursday could be the start of his worst week yet.

The Mueller report is coming, and the president is showing his fear.

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