A Big Win For Democrats As Republican Gerrymandered Map Struck Down In Michigan

A Republican-drawn gerrymandered map of Michigan has been struck down as a violation of federal law because it was designed to hurt Democrats.

The US District Court in Eastern Michigan’s Southern District found:

The court also found that the gerrymandered map impacted 34 state House seats and 10 State seats.

The court ordered that no more elections be held under the current map and that the districts must be redrawn:

This is a huge win for Democrats in the state who have spent the last four election cycles unable to take control of the state legislature, no matter how well they did at the polls. Under the new map, which the court must approve, Michigan may finally have a state legislature that reflects the will of the voters. The Michigan ruling is similar to federal district gerrymander ruling in Pennsylvania that leveled the playing field for US House Democrats in 2018.

Gerrymandering is the Republican Party’s last-ditch effort to seal themselves into power. Little by little with each court challenge, the gerrymandered maps are being tossed out, democracy is being restored, and the will of the people is returning to the ballot box.

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