Obama Unveils Unity Fund To Build A Strong Party To Topple Trump

Former President Barack Obama announced that the Democratic Unity Fund which will be used to back the party’s nominee with a strong organization.

Obama is helping Democrats organize for 2020

Obama wrote:

I’m excited that the DNC asked me to announce a bold new effort: The Democratic Unity Fund. Launching today, the fund will be dedicated to electing our party’s eventual presidential nominee and winning up and down the ballot in 2020.

The Democratic Unity Fund is a promise that whoever earns our nomination, he or she will have a strong, united, and well-organized DNC ready to spring into action the moment the general election starts — a DNC that’s ready to lift us all to victory in November.

Democrats are learning from their 2016 mistakes

The DNC is looking to function more like the RNC did before Trump got his hands on it. The DNC should be a separate organizing force that is dedicated to getting Democrats elected up an down the ballot. The DNC should be about party building especially in places where the Democratic Party has been neglected, especially at the local level.

It will take a party-wide effort to beat Donald Trump in 2020, and that effort will be powered by a strong grassroots organization.

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