More Bad News For Trump As Democrats Move To Expedite Appeal For His Financial Records

The House Oversight Committee reached an agreement with Trump’s lawyers to expedite the appeal hearing for his financial records.

Democrats could have Trump’s financial records shortly

The House Oversight Democrats announced that arguments would begin on July 12 with everything completed by the end of July.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) said in a statement, “I was very encouraged earlier this week when the District Court issued its strong ruling supporting Congress’ right to conduct investigations, and I am encouraged that we have now been able to reach this agreement to seek an expedited appeal. I hope the Court approves our request so we can move forward and effectively discharge our responsibilities under the Constitution.”

Trump’s stall tactics are failing in the courts

Trump has quickly seen his legal strategy go up in smoke. The courts are blowing his arguments out of the water because it turns out that “I don’t want to” is not a valid constitutional defense to deny congressional oversight. Trump thought that he could do the same thing as president that he has done in business. He assumed that he could use the presidency to drag out legal cases and wear down his opponents, but it turns out that his strategy only works if the Executive Branch has a legal leg to stand on.

Trump does not, which is why his bad days are only going to worse in the weeks to come.

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