Swing Districts Are Quickly Shifting Toward Supporting Impeachment

Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA), a swing district House Democrat, said that the calls to her office have shifted toward supporting impeaching Trump.

Swing Districts Are Shifting On Impeachment

Rep. Hill said on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes:

It’s really tough. I have been talking with my staff about this. They are the ones getting the phone calls constantly. I’m going to go back to the district for this work period. I’m leaving to go back home tomorrow. Our calls coming into the office have reversed in the trends. We were getting about two to one in terms of the number of calls opposing impeachment and telling us to stop the investigation. Now we’re getting three or four to one saying, we need to be moving forward. This is getting too out of hand.

The balancing act that I’m facing and that my colleagues are facing is that we do need to move as deliberately as possible. We need to exhaust every single option on the table. Before we actually move towards impeachment. Before we move towards even formalizing an impeachment inquiry. We don’t want — we want to make sure that we have done everything that we can outside of impeachment. We are — I would say, not unlike the previous guest, that we’re getting closer to that point. The court rulings this week have been in our favor. I think that’s a positive indicator that we’re going to see more progress on that front.


Rep. Hill is not the only member of the House from a swing district who is seeing opinion shift on impeachment. If it is happening to Katie Hill, it is happening in other districts right now.

The Balancing Act On Trump Impeachment

House Democrats need to build a case, not to the hardcore political junkies who have read the Mueller report and watch cable news, but to the broader public who vote every four years but don’t pay that much attention until election time.

Those are the voters who need to be convinced on impeachment before the entire nation shifts toward supporting impeaching Trump. The court victories matter because they are a part of building the case.

The winds are shifting on impeachment, and Democrats are sensing the change that is coming.

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