Jerry Nadler Smacks Down Barr’s Demand That Contempt Vote Be Canceled

Attorney General Willam Barr tried to demand that the House cancel a vote to hold him in contempt, but was smacked down by Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY).

Nadler wrote:

Barr tried to argue that the House was rushing to hold him in contempt, and in Trump fashion, he threatened that the DOJ would stop negotiating with the House Judiciary Committee unless the contempt vote was called off.

Rep. Nadler responded by telling the Attorney General to turn over the requested documents or go pound sand.

Read Nadler’s full letter to Barr:

6.4.2019 Letter to AG Barr from Chairman Nadler (1)

Barr is in no position to threaten Nadler. The House Judiciary Committee is legally entitled to the documents and evidence that they have requested. Barr’s threat sounded exactly like Trump’s tantrum when he said that he would not work with Democrats unless they stopped investigating him.

Trump and Barr are losing in court. These tactics aren’t working, and House Democrats are getting even more aggressive in pursuit of the evidence they need for their investigations.

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