Joe Biden Leads Trump By 4 Points In Deep Red Texas


Former Vice President Joe Biden leads Trump by four points, 48%-44%, in the Republican stronghold of Texas in a potential 2020 matchup.

The Quinnipiac University Texas poll release:


All of the other top Democratic candidates are competitive with Trump, but the president leads them all. Trump leads Sanders 47%-44%. Trump leads Warren 47%-46%. Trump leads Beto O’Rourke 48%-45%, and Pete Buttigieg 46%-44%. Trump leads Kamala Harris 47%-43%. It is heartening that all of the Democrats run close to Trump in Texas, but Biden stands ahead of the pack because he can cut into Trump’s support with men.

Republicans have been playing with fire with Trump in Texas for years. Trump has never been popular in Texas, but if Democrats were able to turn the state blue, it would be one of the biggest election upsets in decades in the United States.

If Republicans lost Texas, the election would be instantly over. The odds of Democrats flipping Texas remain slim, but there is a chance that Democrats could force Republicans to spend money in Texas instead of the swing states to keep it in their column.

The swing states are already slipping away from Trump. If Texas goes blue, it will suggest the biggest presidential landslide election is coming since 1964.

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