Bayer Drops Laura Ingraham After Interview With Trump


One of the last remaining large advertisers on Laura Ingram’s Fox News show, Bayer, has pulled their ads hour after her interview with Trump.

Judd Legum reported in his Popular Information newsletter:

Bayer, one of the last major brands advertising with Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, will no longer run ads on either Fox News show, a source familiar with Bayer’s decision-making told Popular Information.



Bayer had not been advertising on Carlson’s show but ran four advertisements on Monday’s broadcast. The company’s reemergence on Carlson’s show went viral on Twitter. The public scrutiny, according to the source, has prompted a reconsideration of the company’s relationship with both shows. Bayer last ran an ad on Carlson’s show on June 4 and last ran an ad on Ingraham’s show on May 30. Bayer, which did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Popular Information, will not be returning to either program.

Advertisers will return to running ads on Fox News if they are not held accountable, so it is important the pressure never lets up on companies that buy ads on Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham’s shows. The decision by Bayer also demonstrates the limited appeal of Donald Trump. The fact that Bayer made this decision in spite of Trump’s constant appearances on Fox News reveals that the presence of Trump can’t save Ingraham from advertiser defections.

Trump and his unpopular presidency may actually be hurting Fox News with advertisers. Division is Trump’s primary political tool, and his brand of political ugliness does not play well with corporate America. In her interview with Trump, the president attacked Robert Mueller and Nancy Pelosi while using the US cemetery in Normandy as a backdrop.

Carlson and Ingraham still bring in millions of viewers, but viewership doesn’t matter if a channel can’t sell ads, and it is becoming clear that Trump and his propaganda network are too toxic for TV.

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