Pete Buttigieg Rocks Iowa And Tears Down Trump’s White Nationalist Wall

Pete Buttigieg is climbing in the polls in Iowa, and while addressing the Iowa Democratic Party Hall Of Fame Forum took on Trump’s wall and white nationalism.

Buttigieg said, “Trump’s vision of security is a wall from sea to shining sea. That’s not going to help with cybersecurity. That’s not going to help with election security. That’s not going to help us name and confront this violent white nationalism.”


Buttigieg is within two points of second place in the latest Iowa poll, which don’t mean much in the early stages of this race, but polls do illustrate who has momentum and who is stumbling. Buttigieg has found a message on veterans’ issues and national security that is working for him. Voters in the center lane of the Democratic Party who are looking for, let’s be honest, a younger candidate than former vice president Biden are drawn to Buttigieg.

The wall won’t do anything to stop the rise of white nationalism. The wall won’t solve cybersecurity threats. The wall isn’t even an answer on immigration. It is a simplistic symbol of hate and division, not strength and security.

Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren are the two Democrats who are on the rise in Iowa, and it is easy to see why many Hawkeye State Democrats find Mayor Pete appealing.

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