House Votes To Sue Barr And McGahn For Defying Subpoenas


The House has voted by a party-line vote to authorize the Judiciary Committee to sue Attorney General Barr and Don McGahn to enforce their subpoenas.

CNN reported, “The resolution also authorized the House panel to take its subpoena of Attorney General William Barr to court, but an agreement struck between the Judiciary Committee and the Justice Department on Monday means the committee won’t take that action — at least for now. The resolution passed 229-191. The House did not vote on moving forward with a criminal contempt citation against either Barr or McGahn, as the resolution is only focused on civil court action to enforce House subpoenas.”

The deal that Barr made with Jerry Nadler for Mueller evidence and documents means that for now, Democrats won’t sue Barr or pursue criminal contempt. The key words there are for now. If Barr continues to obstruct and refuse to turn over evidence, the House Judiciary Committee has now been authorized to sue.


Former White House counsel McGahn hasn’t made a deal for documents and his testimony, so he is going to be sued if he doesn’t testify and produce the requested information. Democrats aren’t messing around. These moves have taken some of the push away from the impeach now crowd on the left because Speaker Pelosi’s strategy is working. It might not be a fast strategy, but it is laying the groundwork for well-founded investigations that will reveal the facts.

House Democrats are moving forward and step by step they are closing in on Trump.

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