Trump Blames Obama After Chickening Out On Iran Strikes

Trump went on a Twitter rant blaming Barack Obama for his series of moves that brought tensions with Iran to a boiling point.

Trump Lies About Iran Deal And Blames Obama

Trump tweeted:

Everything Trump said about the Iran deal was a lie. Iran was in compliance with the agreement, and not developing nuclear weapons. Members of Trump’s own administration urged him to stay in the deal, but since Obama did it, Trump had to kill it.

Trump Is To Blame For The Iran Crisis

Trump tried to portray himself as the hero when the reality is that he is weak and indecisive. The military isn’t “new.” It is not a toy for the childlike president to play with. The New York Times reported that it is possible that Trump got cold feet and called off the strike. Iran’s hardliners will view Trump’s indecisiveness as a weakness.

Trump has been provoking Iran and inflaming tensions with aggressive actions.
Trump created this mess, and since he is too scared to strike Iran, he is trying to blame Obama.

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