Kellyanne Conway blames Warren and Sanders for mass shootings

Kellyanne Conway Tries To Blame Mass Shootings On Bernie Sanders And Elizabeth Warren

Kellyanne Conway tried to pass the blame for mass shootings on to Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Video of Conway on Fox and Friends:

Conway said, “Let me tell you something, I’m hopping mad this morning because I see very little, scant coverage that this Dayton shooter has been confirmed as having a Twitter feed that supportive of Antifa, that was supportive of Elizabeth Warren of Bernie Sanders.” Conway then went on to complain about Beto O’Rouirke and Tim Ryan calling out the connection between Trump’s rhetoric and the El Paso mass shooting.

Kellyanne Conway is mad because she wants the entire country to give Trump a free pass on his racism just like The New York Times and other corporate outlets have done. Racism existed in the United States before Donald Trump’s presidency, but it is Trump who decided to weaponize racism to help his reelection campaign.

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders don’t tweet racist and divisive statements on Twitter on a daily basis. Warren and Sanders aren’t creating and inflaming a cultural climate of bigotry and hate.

Trump always blames someone else, and his White House has decided that Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are responsible for mass shootings.

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