Kellyanne Conway Blames Obama and Pelosi For Trump Inspired Mass Shootings

Kellyanne Conway tried to blame Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi for the mass shootings that have been inspired by Trump’s rhetoric.

Kellyanne Conway blames Obama and Pelosi for mass shootings


Transcript via Fox News Sunday:

HEMMER: The first part about that comment where he says, I have greater influence over the House and the Senate, what is his plan to influence, to use that influence now, Kellyanne?

CONWAY: Well, the president has been actively talking to Republicans and Democrats on the matter of background checks and just being able to have meaningful, measurable reforms that don’t confiscate law-abiding citizens’ firearms without due process, but at the same time, keep those firearms out of people who have a propensity towards violence.

You know, when the president signed into law Fix NICS in March of 2018, that was a big deal because Fix NICS would have prevented — those stronger background checks and data information sharing between federal and state authorities, would have prevented Sutherland Springs, Charleston, South Carolina, any number of these mass shootings where these people have felony charges, they should not have been able to procure a firearm.

And so, this president signed into law something that was not done by the previous administration.

I know you’re going to have Congressman Ryan on later, ask them why no legislation of any import was presented by Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats when President Obama was (INAUDIBLE) — when they had a veto-proof majority in the Senate. They could have passed things and they did not.

Conway’s comments are utter nonsense. Obama had 60 votes in the Senate for 72 days, not two years as Republicans love to pretend happened. Obama and the Democrats tried after the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012 to get gun legislation passed, but they were blocked by…Republicans in the House and Senate.

Kellyanne Conway is going back to that old favorite trick of blaming Obama and Pelosi. It is sad that she is trying to spin Trump's doing nothing into this president being committed to stopping mass shootings.

The violence is continuing because Trump and McConnell won't support the common-sense gun legislation that has already passed the House. Conway tried to spin, but the blame is all on Trump.

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