Donald Trump Turns Taxpayer Funded PA Event Into An Illegal Campaign Rally

It was supposed to be a taxpayer-funded presidential event, but Donald Trump turned it into an illegal campaign rally.

Trump told unions to support him or else:

Trump joked about calling off the 2020 election and serving a third term:

Trump even used his campaign rally music for his presidential introduction:

The White House billed the event as discussing American energy and manufacturing, but the fact that the White House used Trump’s rally music is evidence that they never intended to follow the law. It is illegal for presidents to use taxpayer resources for campaign events. The event that Trump held in Beaver County, PA was a campaign rally. It was against the law, and Trump should reimburse the taxpayers for his misuse of government resources.

The presidency is not Trump’s personal slush fund for his presidential campaign, and he is prohibited by law from using the office as his personal campaign platform.

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