Nicolle Wallace Exposes Trump’s Fake Presidency In Less Than A Minute


MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace pointed out that Trump isn’t even faking it well, as he has no governing events on his schedule every day.



Wallace said ib her MSNBC show Deadline: White House, “What’s so amazing is that Axios had the schedules, and, Annie, you and your colleagues have done extensive reporting and do on a nearly daily basis that there is no governing on his schedule ever. There is an occasional photo-op to lend the appearance to governing but there’s no actual governing that happens. For better or for worse, his critics may be relieved to hear that.”

Trump’s leaked private schedule showed him doing even less than his public schedule, which is saying a lot because the busiest days on his public schedule each week are either one he is going to one of his clubs for the weekend or he is traveling to a campaign rally.

Most of Trump’s daily public schedule is filled with empty space broken up by the occasional photo-op.

Trump is pretending to be president without doing any of the real work of a president.

A man who rants daily about fake things is the biggest fake of all.

Trump is a fake president.

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