Trump and Barr Now Claim That Impeachment Investigation Doesn’t Really Exist

Trump’s DOJ is arguing in court that the impeachment investigation isn’t real, so they don’t have to comply with House Judiciary subpoenas.

Here is the court filing from the DOJ:

The DOJ is saying that since Speaker Pelosi said that they were not even close to an impeachment inquiry, there is no impeachment investigation, but Pelosi was correct, an official impeachment inquiry doesn’t start until there are articles of impeachment drafted.

However, the Judiciary Committee has been very clear that they are investigating as part of their determination on the question of drafting articles of impeachment.

Trump’s DOJ is trying to split hairs and make a technical argument about the meaning of an impeachment investigation. It is a desperate move by a desperate administration that is trying to stall for as long as they can. Trump hopes that he will win in 2020 and Republicans will take back the House.

The president and his administration are hoping that they can run out the clock and make impeachment go away. If Pelosi and Hoyer come out tomorrow and say that the work of the House Judiciary Committee is step one in the impeachment process, Trump doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

The DOJ argument is weak, and a sign that this administration remains unprepared for impeachment.