As He Is Being Impeached, Trump Blows A Gasket Because CNN Spelled His Adam Schiff Nickname Wrong

As the House is investigating him for impeachment, Trump is sending typo-filled tweets to CNN about his nickname for Adam Schiff.

Trump tweeted:

The problem is not CNN. The problem is that Trump’s dumb insult nicknames aren’t working anymore. Trump also managed to misspell the word described when he was ranting about a CNN “misspelling” of something that they didn’t misspell.

Trump only a few tricks. The nicknames stopped working long ago, which is why he hasn’t been able to come with one for Joe Biden, and his attack on Adam Schiff is largely being ignored. There is a category five hurricane destroying everything around him and Donald Trump is yelling at clouds.

The president’s lawyer is at war with the State Department and providing impeachment evidence against both the president and high ranking officials in his administration. Trump is literally in the process of being impeached at this very moment, even his staunchest allies, such as Sean Hannity, are privately admitting that the situation is “really bad,” but Donald Trump is spending his potentially dwindling time as president raving about CNN.

It doesn’t matter what Trump calls Adam Schiff, because soon America will call him impeached.

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