Rudy Giuliani Loses It On Twitter And Claims Biden Is Trying To Silence Him

Rudy Giuliani responded to Biden demanding that the networks stop giving him airtime by claiming that Joe Biden is trying to silence him.

Giuliani tweeted:

Giuliani then went conspiracy crazy with a completely false tweet:

Joe Biden’s campaign sent a letter to all of the major networks demanding that they stop giving Giuliani airtime to push his baseless and already debunked Ukraine conspiracy theory.

Giuliani responded like any tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist does in this situation. He claimed that he was being oppressed and silenced because we are all to believe that Rudy Guiliani has found THE TRUTH.

White House officials have expressed rage at Giuliani, as he is the one who has been filling Trump’s head with conspiracy theory nonsense. It interesting how Giuliani has a “witness” ready to testify, but he won’t name that witness, and he doesn’t seem to understand that there is no investigation into Joe Biden.

Donald Trump is being investigated as part of the impeachment process because he violated his oath of office and broke the law when he withheld military aid from Ukraine because he wanted them to provide dirt on Biden.

Adam Schiff is coming for Giuliani, and Trump’s lawyer is responding by melting down into a pile of conspiracy theory gibberish.

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