Rep. Matt Gaetz Thinks The Term Kangaroo Court Came From Captain Kangaroo

Top Trump defender Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) tried to defend Trump by comparing Adam Schiff to Captain Kangaroo.

Gaetz said, “What we see in this impeachment is a kangaroo court, and Chairman Schiff is acting like a malicious Captain Kangaroo.”


Gaetz was trying to play off of Trump’s tweet about not sending Amb. Sondland to testify because Adam Schiff is running a “kangaroo court” by comparing Chairman Schiff to Captain Kangaroo. The problem is that the term kangaroo court has nothing to do with the former kids television program Captain Kangaroo. The term kangaroo court originated in the United States in the 1800s to describe a court that lacks legitimate standing.

The term has no relationship with Captain Kangaroo.

These are the kind of minds who are flocking to the impeachment defense of Donald Trump.

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