Rudy Giuliani Loses It And Calls Himself Super Legal And Ethical

Rudy Giuliani claimed that Democrats are trying to destroy his business while calling himself “super legal and ethical.”

The New York Times reported:

Mr. Giuliani lashed out at what he said were efforts by congressional Democrats, as well as journalists and critics in the executive branch, to “destroy” his business.

“I really try very hard to be super-ethical and always legal,” he wrote in a text message in response to questions about his meeting with the Justice Department. “But I can’t publicly defend everything I do because I’m presumed guilty. If I did, my business and firm would be unable to have any clients. That’s why this malicious torrent of questions is so damaging.”

The questions that Giuliani is complaining about involve his arrested associated who were illegally funneling Russian money to Republicans and Donald Trump. Federal investigators are also examining Giuliani’s bank records for evidence that he was illegally lobbying for foreign countries.
If a lawyer ever says that they are behaving in a super legal way, they probably aren’t, and they also are likely a very bad lawyer.

The picture that is emerging of Rudy Giuliani is that of a grifter who is selling access to Trump without being registered as a foreign lobbyist.

To put this is in Giuliani-speak, what Rudy Giuliani has been doing is super illegal, and it very possible that he could end up in jail.

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