White House Lawyer Who Hid Ukraine Call Told Vindman Not To Talk About It

The White House lawyer who hid Trump’s Ukraine call told Lt. Col. Vindman not to discuss the call with anyone.

Politico reported:

John Eisenberg recorded Vindman’s complaints in notes on a yellow legal pad, then conferred with his deputy Michael Ellis about how to handle the conversation because it was clearly “sensitive,” Vindman testified. The lawyers then decided to move the record of the call into the NSC’s top-secret codeword system—a server normally used to store highly classified material that only a small group of officials can access.

Vindman did not consider the move itself as evidence of a cover-up, according to a person familiar with his testimony. But he said he became disturbed when, a few days later, Eisenberg instructed him not to tell anyone about the call—especially because it was Vindman’s job to coordinate the interagency process with regard to Ukraine policy.

The directive not to discuss the call is proof that the White House was engaged in a cover-up. The administration knew that Trump committed an impeachable offense, so they immediately set out to hide the evidence and silence witnesses.

It is a conspiracy that goes deep into the heart of the Executive Branch of the government. There is more potentially criminal behavior than what Democrats first expected to find. It makes sense that the investigation is taking longer than expected because what Democrats have uncovered is a shadow foreign policy to shakedown a foreign government unless the provided dirt on a political opponent that evolved into a massive White House cover-up.

The evidence against Trump is overwhelming and every single day provides proof of a crime against the United States.

Vindman's testimony opens the Trump impeachment floodgates
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